Green is our color, green is our mission

Yacht Recycling

ReBoat is the first company in Germany to specialize exclusively in the ecological and economical recycling of pleasure boats and all other type of vessel.

Whatever the task, we have the facilities and experience!

CombiTrade offers world-class shipyards for maintenance services for all types of ship, from the shortest stopovers to extended programmes including special and intermediate class surveys.

Ballast Tanks, Oil Cargo Tanks and Holds of Bulk Carriers are known to be most susceptible to corrosion and are of prime concern.

The quality and longevity of coatings depend primarily on the treatment of steel surface and on the prevailing conditions during the application. With the suitable partner for the treatment you can ensure long term protection on all surface areas.

Ballast tanks are often the largest area of structural steel on a vessel, and if left unchecked water inside can be highly corrosive. Specialist coating is therefore needed to protect the tanks from decay – and ensure the continued operational safety and efficiency of your vessel.

A long service life and low maintenance means savings in time and money. And that’s exactly what we offer with our certified tank coating partner in the Mediterranean Sea.

CombiTrade is able to offer different types of steering gears, which are backed-up by comprehensive service support and a wide range of spare parts that meet all your steering gear needs.

Upgrade your vessel from certain vessel parts such as cranes or technical equipment to a complete lifetime extension programme.

  • Hull surface treatment through hydrojetting decreases operation costs in terms of fuel consumption and dry dock time.
  • A well-done surface treatment will reduce drag and therefore fuel consumption and GHG emissions
  • A more environmentally sensitive and user friendly method of surface preparation is hydrojetting.